All my whisky fudge and chocolates are made fresh to order. I will normally make this once a week to fulfill orders.


All the goodness of single cask whisky in bite sized pieces...

The Caol Ila 18 year old really sits well with the fudge, let it melt on your tongue and taste that lovely kiss of smoke at the very end!
A must with a cup of coffee.



How It All Began

iheartwhisky fudge was created in April 2017. My products are made of the highest-quality ingredients, and I guarantee to only send you the best whisky filled treats using some of my favourite whiskies. My prices are affordable and my delicious handmade confectionary will surely make you come back for more!!

I'm sure I'll hear you say nom, nom, nom it's all gone!!

Items are sent in white ballotin boxes with red hearts as you can see in the main image.

img_4993-1-1 box.jpg



From the rich (GlenDronach) whisky enhanced creaminess to the lightly smoked (Caol Ila) whisky fudge there is everything to enjoy. The only problem is the more-ish nature which results in a box being knocked back in one sitting. The cats like it too. But it’s all mine!

Jon @scotchandscifi


Scotland, UK

07961 180512

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07961 180512

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